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Mark, travis, P.Michael, Rebecca, Patricia.
Not Pictured: Devonee//Photo: Faheem Majeed

At the South Side Community Art Center, 3831 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 15SEP06

THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT ©1995/© 2005 by travis.
(After the Painting: Claro de luna by
Efrain Rodriguez Rios/b.20MAR46, Caracas, Venezuela)

How far away the night! Claro de Luna light.
Now gone from Earth gone south

From fire into your mouth.
Your face                               your flood
Your kiss                               my blood
Queen of my heart:Why must we part?
For Hell defines                    Your eyes in mine
Then lovers dirge                 ‘Til stones emerge
& in the silence of her tale
A thunder through the bloody trail
The dead lay down but not for long
A single star; a longing song
How far away the night!

RUINS ©1995/©2005 by travis.

Are You In Heaven Now? & How Many Times Have You Gone To Heaven Now? In Faint, Faithless Hours / Are You In Heaven? I Dream & I See You Shimmering In Morning Dew / Flaming Through Fire & Ice. Are You In Heaven Now? & Has The Wood Consumed You? Are You Consumed By Wood? Then Come The Alarms. Two-faced marionettes Leap from stained glass windows to sudden death. Sirens Cry Out Loud! Snowcocks Criss-Cross The Clouds These Steel Grey Birds, Black Fires & False Gods Refuse You Are You In Heaven Now? Somewhere Among The Ruins? In Heaven Now? Skin Deep In Fragrant Black Ground? In Heaven Now? Why Do Your White Feet Flutter When I Fall Down? The Table Is Set For Meat And Drink. Your Iridescent Nostrils Suck In Thick Black Hair. Your Gills Expand & I Dance Your Gills Expand & I Rebel Your Gills Expand & I, & I, & I &I Adorn My Barbed Wire Face Inside Your Sunken Web. Are You In Heaven Now? & How Many Times Have You Gone To Heaven Now?


                                        ABOVE: Fungus (22x14in.)                 SOLD


        Lynch1              L2

          ABOVE: L1              (20x13in.)                                                                 ABOVE:  L2            (20x13in.)



                                                      ABOVE:  ARID               (20x13in.)



travis in Guantanamo Bay CUBA, 1965 = Post Card announcing  Mississippi Flower Garden



     SouthSide Community Art Center               Chicago                           INSTALLATION VIEWS

     "Mississippi Flower Garden"   &   " Mississippi Overlay"                   Curator:  Faheem Majeed



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                                                                                       OPENING NIGHT  15SEP06