ONO    21stCentury  Industrial NOISE

NINA SIMONE Tribute / Curated by Marvin Tate/29FEB08/Elastic Arts Fdn.

Players:         P.Michael Grego (bass/guitar/effects)                         Photography:       Jeremy Vaughan
                      travis (voices/words)
                      Shannon Rose Riley (accordian)                                   PROGRAM:           "Mississippi Goddam" Chant
                      Rebecca Gascon Pavlatos (piano)                                                             "NeMeQuittePas"/"Ennui"
                      Jesse Thomas (guitar)                                                                              "The Queen of the Night"






ENNUI/Boredom!  Tedium!  Weariness!                                                                                       THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT
© 1980 by travis                                                                                                                                 ©1995/© 2005 by travis       (After the Painting:
Je me reveille tot                                   I wake up early                                                                                                                     Claro de luna by Efrain Rodriguez Rios)
Le garcon                                                  The men                                                                             How far away the night!        Claro de Luna light
Le jeune filles                                           The young girls                                                                Now gone from Earth gone south
Je les vois                                                 I see them all                                                                   From fire into your mouth
Je m’amuse                                              I must amuse myself!                                                   Your face          Your flood
Que voulez vous faire ce matin           What can/will you do this morning?                          Your kiss           My blood                                                    
Que voulez vous faire                            What can/will you do?                                                   Queen  of my heart
Je voudrais partir                                    I would like to go away                                                 Why must we part?
Non                                                              No!                                                              
Ennui  Ennui  Ennui                                  Boredom!  Tedium!  Weariness!                                   For Hell defines your eyes in mine                                   
Que voulez vous faire                            What can/will you do?                                                    Then lovers dirge
Lundi                                                           Monday?                                                                              'Til stones emerge
Que voulez vous faire ce matin           What can/will you do this morning?                                     
Mardi/Mecredi                                          Tue?/Wed?                                                                         And in the silence of her tale
Jeudi/Vendredi                                        Thu?/Fri?                                                                             A thunder through the dusty trail
Samedi!, Samedi! .... /Dimanche        Sat?/Sat?/Sun?                                                                 The dead lay down but not for long
Que voulez vous faire                             What can/will you do?                                                    A single star       
Ennui  Ennui  Ennui                                  Boredom!  Tedium!  Weariness!                                    A longing song                                    
Que voulez vous faire                            What can/will you do?                                                     How far away the night!